DJ TRx has become part of the HangarFour family! Her unique brand of playfulness and versatility has made it possible for us to collaborate on a wide variety of projects. Whether it’s a private VIP dance party with the toast of Broadway, or a large-scale public sporting event, she creates the perfect mood and gets our guests on their feet every time!

                                                 – Josh Tjaden (HangarFour)


I’ve booked DJ TRx for two different Delta Air Lines events this year. Our clients loved her so much the first event, they specifically requested we fly her out to LA for the second. Not only is her music fantastic, but she dresses up to go along with the theme of the event so she vibes with its design. She’s awesome! I highly recommend her.“  

                                               – Matt Humphrey (HangarFour)


"If you want to throw an amazing party, you should hire DJ TRx, a person way too cool to be friends with me. This is not self-deprecation, it's the truth. Just look at her hair."

                                                              - Bari W, NYC


"DJ TRx brings the party through well-chosen music selection and transitions, helping kick off and maintain a high-energy vibe for dancing, and building in a few pauses to chill out. Relentlessly on point and good-humored, DJ TRx is as kind as she is kool and kinetic!" 

                                                        - Gwilym R, NYC


"DJ TRx has great intuition - she could easily read the crowd...even the children had an amazing time. She was great at getting them involved but also keeping them reined in. TRx was passionate and enthusiastic, and we could tell she was having a great time too."

                                                        - Marissa T, NYC